All the Details


Adult sox are knee high and come in one size which fits both small ladies and large men! They stretch easily and can also be worn over the knee.

The sox are made as a tube, so that they don’t have a built in heel and therefore fit any shoe size.

Child/teen sox fit anyone under approximately 5’4”. They do come up quite long and can stretch to fit someone taller if necessary.

Ankle sox are fairly short (and are known as anklets in the US). They are great under shoes. And they are also great on small children!


Easy! Wash at 40’ C or less. Hang to dry, they dry very quickly.

Our sox are extremely durable and will last for years. They don’t rub holes.


Soxtrot sox are made from a special man-made formula fabric which means they are thin, breathable and cool in summer, and cosy warm in winter. They have a silky feel, are hard wearing and contain nylon and lycra.


Delivery is by First Class Mail.  We are happy to ship overseas.  Contact us at or 07788673065 with any questions.


We welcome wholesale enquiries. Minimum order is only 25 pairs, so get in touch if you’d like to become a supplier.